Here are a few things I worked on while in Africa; mostly with Top 5 SAI studio’s. Being back now in the land of computers there are a lot of other projects to finish – some from Rwanda and some from other parts of the trip. So if you’re interested, check back in over the next few months.

This was an idea of Patricks’ to hold a youth festival which celebrates creativity and talent in Rwanda’s northern region. I put together logos, posters and press releases whenever a computer could be sourced, and all going well, the festival should become an annual event with some local company sponsorship from Rwandatel and Virunga Buses.

Oh Mama! Oh boy this music video took a while to finish. Originally shot the footage in April. On returning to Rwanda late August I was finally able to download it, and then the computer died. 3 months more of scratching around on various old laptops and it was edited.

Design collateral for Kigali artist Jack B’s album launch.

Album launch design collateral for Kigali artist Neg-G.

My Top 5 SAI workmates threw a lovely surprise birthday party at a chilled out little spot called Eden Resort. It had grass lawns, a bar and even a bbq. They took a van-load of people and our company speaker system and we danced the night away under the stars. With the idea to set up a regular monthly event at the same spot, I put these brochures together as advertisement.

SNOOPY’S CHRISTMAS was a small idea born during my last few days living in Rwanda. It is not a globally run organization. There are no people being paid to fund-raise and no huge overhead costs. It is just a small way to directly help some children get a much-wanted education…read more

Gorilla music carnival: An idea in very initial stages. The lowdown is to hold a 3 day music festival in conjunction with Kwita Izina – Rwanda’s baby gorilla naming ceremony which is held each year on World Environment Day. The location would be in Kinigi at the base of Mount Sabinyo. Now to work out the logistics!

Other projects to come:
– Kinigi Culture Centre DVD.  A promotion video showcasing the unique culture of Rwanda’s Pygmy tribe who recently inhibited the Virunga mountains.
– Short video about the making of nshima (ugali/posho): The staple food for much of Africa.
– Personal doco ‘Looking for Papa’. A family’s hope in finding news on their missing father 14 years later.
-Funeral of Abasukali clan leader – Rwenzori mountains, Uganda.
-Mwarakoze music video, Da Twin B.

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