First impressions of Ruhengeri in the northwest of Rwanda where I would end up going back to live for 4 months.

One of the lovely things about this part of the world, is that people really have time for each other. Most Rwandans will see their friends every day – whether it be to discuss business ideas, family matters, the latest election propaganda or simply to stand around and shake a calabash.

Vultures on the lawn of Ruhengeri Hospital.

Enjoying late afternoon sunshine in Ruhengeri’s town centre.

Local artist Nkyambura spruces up the new general supplies store.

A morning at home cutting cabbage and carrots to feed many mouths.

Virtually impossible to dry washing at this time of year!

1. The next-door neighbour negotiates her way across the yard.
2. At home with Chantelle and Janviere.

The rainy season had really kicked in, and our backyard was flooded every day.

Clara cooks dinner in the living-room to avoid getting soaked in the backyard.

A young designer with his interpretation of sunglasses made from maize plants.                                                       Back to Home

Amadazi – deep fried bread. Very yummy if you get them while they’re hot off the pan.

The usual Sunday morning street parade in Ruhengeri.

I came across Top 5 Sai Studios one afternoon, and was pretty impressed with the music and videos they were creating on limited means. That night I got talked into recording a keyboard intro for a rap song, and the next day ended up recording some backing vocals…and the next day found myself shooting a music video…and the next day woke up to hear my voice singing on national radio! Very surreal. This is the work crew in our office: Frank, Fidel and Ahkim.

Florian, a volunteer doctor from Germany, and Frank (musician Emiwess) record Oh Mama in the Top 5 studios.

A young girl works hard to carry water home while other more lucky kids enjoy playtime at Prefer Pre-school.

Placide (musician Soldier P) and his sister Mary wait for customers at their street shoe-stall.

Frank enjoying the fresh water of Lake Kivu in Gisenyi, on the way to Goma, DRC.

Clara and Chantelle give my hair a badly needed make-over.

As a visitor to Rwanda, getting to know one or two people means you soon know everyone and will never again be short of a place to stay or an offer of dinner at someone’s home. Symion, Mama Orchid and their family in Kigali became my own extended Kigali contacts through friends in Ruhengeri.

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